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# 17/12/2012 à 03:18 usaskbroaws (site web)
I really didn't like the Pierre Garcon Grey Shadow Jersey Redskins' chances when they fell behind the Saints, 24-15, in the second half, but quarterback Jason Campbell never showed any panic. I admire the fact that head coach Jim Zorn allowed Campbell to use the shotgun, where he feels a lot more comfortable. Womens Redskins Jersey Campbell finished 24-of-36 for 321 yards and a touchdown.
# 17/12/2012 à 03:47 hedcoeque (site web)
Regardless Dez Bryant Camo Jersey of whether it was a pretty win or an ugly win, it improved the team to 8-3 with 10 days off to get healthy. In Cleveland, Browns quarterback Brady Quinn suffered a broken right index finger but will try to play Sunday against the Jason Witten Orange Impact Jersey Houston Texans.
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