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Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan聮s decision to put off the NFL draft for a year and play his senior season surprised many, including ESPN NFL draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr.This morning, Kiper said Lewan made a 聯bad call.聰聯I didn't see Lewan falling much past No. 15 overall in this draft, and while I respect the decision, I don't want to see a kid worth a lot of money right now holding out,聰 . 聯Odds are he'll be fine and a likely top-10 pick next season, but he has plenty of value now.聰Kiper expanded on that idea during a conference call with reporters later this morning.聯The reason I was surprised with Taylor Lewan ... even though (South Carolina defensive end) Jadeveon Clowney got him four or five times in that game, Jadeveon Clowney聮s going to make everybody look bad,聰 Kiper said. 聯You look at the capability and the potential of being the ... second offensive tackle off the board, somewhere around pick 10-15. You go back 聟 maybe what he felt was after struggling some against Clowney, maybe he felt like everybody聮s like Clowney in the NFL."Maybe that聮s not the case; Clowney聮s spectacular. Maybe he feels 'I need to work on some things.' Footwork can be improved, technique can be improved, game-to-game consistency, play-to-play consistency. Maybe if he upgrades that, he can be a top pick. He talked to Jake Long and maybe Jake said, 'By going back, I became the No. 1 pick, maybe you can be in the top five, where right now, you wouldn聮t.'"But there聮s also the injury risk. If you get hurt, you may drop a little further. If I聮m in the top 10, top 12, I聮m thinking about coming out. I respect his decision. It聮s great for college football and great for Michigan that he came back.聰Kiper, on Denard Robinson: Michigan's Denard Robinson is headed to the Senior Bowl next week but primarily will play receiver, not quarterback.聯Just a great football player,聰 Kiper said today. 聯Everybody loves his passion for the game, his toughness. Obviously, he聮s got great speed, great athleticism, great versatility. He can catch the ball, he can run with the ball, some think he can play cornerback. I think he聮s going to be an offensive entity, in the return game, possibly. He聮ll be going to the Senior Bowl; we聮ll see what he can do there. That helped Antwaan Randle El become a second-round pick out of Indiana as a (former) quarterback. After he runs, after he tests, after he works out, I think Denard Robinson聮s no later than a second-round draft choice.聰Kiper, on other Wolverines: Kiper thinks linebacker Kenny Demens and safety Jordan Kovacs could be middle-round draft possibilities. He said defensive end Will Campbell is a late-round possibility.聯Campbell, you kept waiting and waiting, and he did flash, at various times, future NFL ability,聰 Kiper said. 聯We know he has the physical capabilities and the physical presence you want. You just kept waiting for that performance to elevate him into the early rounds, and that didn聮t happen for me. I聮m thinking a later-round possibility who has a chance. We聮ve seen it before: Some of these guys, the light goes on, and all of the sudden, they at least can help you as a backup.聰He said Roy Roundtree, J.T. Floyd and Craig Roh have ability and a chance to make it in the NFL. Kiper said Roundtree could be a fifth receiver for a team.Contact Mark Snyder: Follow him on Twitter .

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